Preston Hancock, KMS, has a passion for nutrition and fitness that began when he played sports as a child. At an early age, he realized how nutrition can improve performance. The impact of nutrition on performance has continued to fascinate and move him throughout his life.

In 2016, Preston obtained a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, where he also played collegiate NCAA soccer. He became a high school science teacher and soccer coach. He has taught and coached at McKinney Boyd and Maypearl as well as at Red Oak, where he is starting his fourth year. To his students and players, Preston is not only a teacher and sports coach, but also a counselor, life coach, and lifting and nutrition specialist.

“Everyone has different genetics, goals, lifestyles, and starting points. I strive to make individualized recommendations that work for my clients, so they can start living their best life now.”

-Preston Hancock

Preston has personally tried just about every diet that exists. The ketogenic (keto) diet above all brought about radical changes in his life. In 2016, after two months into the keto diet, a “light switch” flipped on in Preston’s body and mind. He started experiencing immense mental and physical energy, improvements in his mood, and more quality sleep. He was learning new information and retaining it, recovering quicker from workouts, and losing weight while simultaneously gaining muscle.

In 2020, Preston obtained Ketogenic Mastery Specialist certification—the first and only official ketogenic certification available—through He is pursuing a master’s degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition from Concordia University – Chicago.

Preston is committed to being a lifelong learner and providing others with the knowledge needed to reach their goals and optimize their health. He aims to eventually open his own nutritional therapy and performance clinic.

Preston is a vital part of the MCM Nutrition team. He led the company’s social media efforts for seven months. Now he helps members of the MCM Nutrition Tribe start their own ketogenic lifestyle. He creates customized exercise, nutrition, and supplementation plans that meet the needs of each person. His frequent check-ins, guidance, and plan adjustments help his clients achieve continual results.