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My husband, James, and I decided to lose weight and get in shape for the sake of our health, our family, and our future. Changing the way we ate helped us get moving again after being slowed down by health issues and injuries. We started the keto diet on November 1, 2019. James and I made changes slowly. If we ordered a hamburger with fries, we would take off the top bun and eat only five fries each. Then we took off both hamburger buns and ordered a side salad instead of fries. We limited the croutons on our salad to three and eventually worked our way down to no croutons and a hamburger patty wrapped in lettuce.

My love of cooking has helped with the shift to keto. I make keto-friendly versions of foods, so we do not feel like we are missing out. For example, we eat hearts of palm in place of fried potatoes. I make homemade ketchup that does not knock us out of ketosis. I have no desire to go back to the way I used to eat. Keto is my end-all way of eating. Actually, keto is more than a diet for us—it is now a lifestyle.

MCM Nutrition has been a vital part of our journey. I have used the company’s products faithfully from day one of our keto journey, and I love them. MCM Nutrition products work, and they are so cost-effective—and they work. The benefits we have experienced from the keto lifestyle help keep us going. I have lost a total of # pounds, and James has lost # pounds. Our sleep has improved. We both have more energy and can do more things. We encourage people who choose the keto journey to start slowly and keep moving.

Who is Keto Coach E?

There was once a day when I went to a health screening at church and found out that my blood pressure was unbelievably high.

The nurse told me I needed to go see someone about it immediately.

That led me to find out that I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol. Not only that, but my weight was also out of control.

Needless to say, I needed to take action…FAST!

I started implementing the Ketogenic Lifestyle, and it has changed my life!

I have practiced the Ketogenic Lifestyle for many years now, but when I started, I knew that I needed to decrease carbs and eliminate sugars, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I did months of research and even failed a few times. The teacher in me wanted to make sure I helped others.

Because of that, I started teaching and sharing what I learned online and built a community of over 30,000 people.

So my hope is with my classes, videos, articles, and recipes that I can continue to help others learn about the lifestyle that has saved my life while helping them shorten their learning curve.