Who is Cash Riley Jr.?

His motivating attitude and drive to keep moving has made him a force to be reckoned with in the nutrition health and wellness world, and as a former professional baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he took that drive and determination and turned to the business world.

After he retired from baseball in 2000, Cash launched his marketing career in Savannah, GA. as an account Executive at Triad Broadcasting, he began to learn the tools he would need, taking with him valuable business and life lessons he would need when he returned home to Dallas in 2003. Here he continued his role in broadcasting with Clear Channel Communications, Radio One and CBS Radio in Dallas and as General Manager Tyler broadcasting in Oklahoma City.

After 10 years in broadcasting, Cash wanted more and was not feeling fulfilled, this is when his world changed. In 2009 Cash began a six-year partnership with Richmont Holdings a Private Equity firm as Director of Business Development. During his time at Richmont Cash co-Founded ROCHON Premium Brands where he served as the company’s President. Rochon Premium Brands was the producer of seven unique products ranging from coffee to jewelry and “Seven” Still Spring Water, a Canadian spring water company.

As the brand enjoyed tremendous growth under his constant guidance and drive to dominate the competition. This too was not enough, and he felt himself being spread too thin as his travel kept him away from family more and more.

In September of 2016 he shifted his focus and began changing the landscape of water beverages as the President of Earthwater and its’ various beverage brands.

Understanding his time in the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) category required a lot of time on the road and time away from his family. He was able to establish a relationship with the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world Amazon, which enabled the company’s products to be sold globally though the e-commerce retailer. The unique relationship he established with Amazon forever changed the way CPG company’s both big and small approached there go to market strategies. As he grew the brand to unseen growth in the company’s history, it proved his theory that you can adopt an e-commerce only approach and WIN!

It was this knowledge and relationship with Amazon that led him to form his new company, a true passion. Thus, MCM was formed.