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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to share my personal keto story with the organizers of KetoCon. KetoCon is the largest conference focused on the science and stories of keto. KetoCon featured my story on Instagram and in other communications.

I would like to take this time to share my story with the MCM Tribe as well. I consider you all a part of my extended family. You will see in my story below that my family is the reason I started MCM Nutrition. I want to help all of you live your best life.

Keep moving,

Cash Riley, Jr.
Cash Riley, Jr.’s Personal Keto Story

My keto journey began on my 38th birthday on June 4, 2016. That was exactly 31 days after my older brother Joey Lugo died in his sleep from a heart attack on May 5, 2016. He was almost 50.

I realized if that could happen to my brother, it could possibly happen to me. On September 21, 1997, my dad had died from cancer, a disease my mother had successfully battled. Now one of my brothers whom I loved and looked up to had just lost his life to heart disease.

I began to rethink my reality and recognized I was not healthy. I had high cholesterol and blood pressure. I was 30 pounds overweight. I realized a change that could potentially save my life needed to happen…now!

I set out on a journey to live my best and healthiest life for me and my family. I turned my attention to health and wellness. Taking care of myself became a priority in my life.

Initially, I started running to get in shape. But I could not run every day. My body had endured years of wear and tear from playing baseball for 18 years, both as a child and professionally. Since I was new to the sport of running, it taxed my body and caused me great pain. Over time, I developed a sustainable routine that allowed me to continue running.

Once I understood how running could benefit me, I then considered nutrition to improve my health. A friend mentioned the ketogenic (keto) diet to me. I had watched him lose more than 40 pounds on the keto diet and thought, “This is realistic. This can happen.”

At the time, I had been working on some other consumer products with Dr. Liza Leal of Meridian Medical Dental. She gave me further insight into keto and living well. She shared the information with me in a way that I could understand and grasp.

So that same year, I adopted a keto diet. I had already developed some keto habits like consuming more proteins and limiting carbohydrates (carbs) after being diagnosed with severe food allergies in 2014. At this point, I stopped eating gluten-free carbs as well (except for those found in the vegetables recommended on the keto diet).

Living a keto lifestyle helped me achieve my fitness, health, and weight loss goals. The ketones took away my craving for carbs and gave me the energy I need to work out. I lost over 25 pounds and now consistently weigh 182-185. With less weight, I have less aches and pains. My blood pressure and cholesterol have also dropped tremendously. I feel better overall.
Cash before and after - summers 2017 and 2020
Cash Riley, Jr. - 2017 and 2020
My family is the reason I keep moving. Wanting to be there for my family motivates me every day. I want to leave them a legacy that I am passionate about and can also share with the world. That is why I started my own company focused on fitness and nutrition.

On July 15, 2019, I launched MCM Nutrition to help others optimize their health and wellbeing. I dedicated the company to my wife, Monique, my son, Cash III, and my daughter, Madison (MCM). I applied what I learned over 20 years of working in the business world to bring affordable, quality nutritional products to market through a direct to consumer strategy. The people using MCM Nutrition products are seeing and feeling results because the products work.

What has happened since the launch of MCM Nutrition has exceeded all our expectations. In just the first year, our product line has expanded from one ketones drink mix to more than 18 nutritional products that promote a healthy lifestyle. The company continues to grow with the support of our manufacturing and business partners, scientific advisor Dr. Liza, and what I call the MCM Nutrition Tribe (#MCMTribe).

MCM Nutrition is both my legacy and my passion. I wake up every day looking forward to sharing the gift of health and wellness with others, so they too can live their best life for whatever drives them most each day. Because at the end of the day, this all about families—my family and the families we are blessed to reach through MCM Nutrition.

#RIPJoeyLugo. We love and miss you every day!

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Thank YOU, MCM Tribe!

Thank you for being a part of the MCM Tribe. Our tightly knit group is striving to reach one main live our best lives! Whatever challenges we face in the days ahead, we are in this together. We appreciate what you do to help us keep moving.

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