Here’s how keto changed Susan Freeswick’s life.

Losing 100 pounds was just the beginning.

Keto King Cake? Yes, please. Based in New Orleans, Susan Freeswick’s Everyday Keto To Go Bakery satisfies your sweet tooth while keeping you on track with keto or any low carb and healthy lifestyle. Even more surprising than sugar-free donuts, churros, and cakes, is Susan’s story: before building her dream business, she lost over 100 pounds! Now fit, healthy and living her best life, Susan uses MCM Nutrition’s Exogenous Ketones in Lemon flavor to support her keto lifestyle. 

Susan’s Story

Before Keto

Eight years ago, Susan was struggling. It wasn’t just about her weight. She was going through a divorce, her mother was having serious health problems, and she felt unhealthy and unhappy.Susan remembers the moment when she knew she had to make a change: she was standing in aWalmart dressing room, crying because she could no longer fit into a size 18, and had to go up to a 22. She had tried every diet, and nothing had worked.


A Family Weight Loss Journey

Susan’s family decided to take a health journey together—not to lose weight, but to help support her mother’s declining health. At the suggestion of Susan’s sister, they all went on the keto diet. To their surprise, everyone benefited, not just from the health factors that a ketogenic diet brings, but through weight loss as well. Susan’s father lost 47 pounds, her sister lost 23 pounds, and her aunt lost 27 pounds. Susan herself lost a stunning 100 pounds, and was shocked to find she could fit into a size zero—something she never would have thought possible.


Launching a Keto Bakery

Before finding the ketogenic lifestyle, Susan admitted she was in a depression. “Being so overweight is unhealthy for your body, soul and mind. But my mom brought me back to life,” Susan said. “I needed to get healthy for her—and as I began cooking healthy food for my family, I started to feel better.”

It took years of healthy eating and exercise to lose the weight, but Susan was encouraged by her success, and has continued to live the keto lifestyle. As a chef, Susan had to change her way of cooking to improve her health. Cooking healthy meals for her mom inspired her. Soon, she began to develop keto versions of her favorite foods. After spending a year perfecting her own keto bread recipe, she posted a photo of the loaf on social media. A friend commented, “I would buy that!” 

Later that day, Susan submitted the paperwork to form an LLC. The next day, she launched Everyday Keto To Go, and sold her first loaf of bread—delivered to the friend who made the comment. Three months later, she introduced the Keto King Cake in a Gluten-Free King Cake Challenge, and a year later, she won Best Gluten-Free Bakery in the New Orleans Metro Area. Today, Everyday Keto To Go sells over 70 products, and plans to open a brick-and-mortar store by the end of August.


How MCM Nutrition Supports Susan’s Lifestyle

During the pandemic, Susan focused on her family, dropping intermittent fasting in order together around the table at breakfast, lunch and dinner. While she savored the family time, the calories began to add up, and she gained the dreaded “Quarantine Fifteen.” Searching for products to help her begin fasting again, she found MCM Nutrition’s Exogenous Ketones in Lemon flavor. She did some research, and was impressed with its clean ingredient list. MCM’s ketones provide vital nutrients, electrolytes and energy, and boost brain power. Susan uses the caffeinated version to get the energy she needs without feeling jittery.

“I was blown away by MCM Nutrition’s Exogenous Ketones, because in just two days, I was back into fasting. I dropped seven pounds right away,” Susan says. “I enjoyed the refreshing taste and the boost in energy. After I drink my ketones, I can clean my house, the bakery, and your house, too! It’s only 35 calories, so it isn’t breaking my fast—and it helps push me to the next level to keep to my 18:6 fasting time.”

The combination of intermittent fasting and keto helps Susan keep weight off and build muscle definition. When fasting, she begins her day with black coffee, and doesn’t eat her first meal until 2:00 p.m. MCM ketones help her get through the early part of the day without losing energy or focus. About an hour or two after drinking her coffee, she mixes the ketones into a bottle of water, and sips on it throughout the early afternoon.

“I recommend MCM Nutrition’s Exogenous Ketones to all my customers, and we are all really

excited about it. I don’t promote a lot of things, because I’m so strict… and I’m pleased that the ingredients are so clean and keto,” Susan says. “I think anyone that uses it will notice the difference, absolutely.” 

Keep Moving.

We all go through hardships in life—but if we keep moving forward and focus on our health, it’s

possible to create a happier, healthier life. “I’m an overall happy person now and have a wonderful life, a wonderful partner, an amazing daughter and the business I’ve dreamed of! Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s real,” Susan says. Sadly, Susan lost her mother a couple of years ago. However, her love and impact will always be felt. Susan is grateful to her mom for inspiring her to make a positive change, and get back to living the best life possible. How do you keep moving?